Hello There! 

I have never thought too much about sharing my story.  I never thought of it as being particularly special.  My story has a very painful beginning, and I figured the world had enough pain in it without me adding my chapter.  Recently, however, I was asked to share my story at AmeriPlanUSA’s national convention.  I have been working with this company since 2005 and have enjoyed climbing through the ranks and achieving pretty nice success as a National Sales Director with a fantastic team.  When the corporate office asked me to do this, I don’t think they had any idea what they were asking!  They thought it would be a story of rags to riches, the reward of hard work, of triumph over tragedy, of perseverance and faith and ultimately victory, and they were right, BUT my journey was one that took twists and turns that most do not. 

After sharing a 12 minute version of my story (that was probably closer to 25minutes), I was asked by dozens of people to share more. 

What they didn’t understand is that the few minutes I had spent on that stage telling my story nearly wrecked me.  I have lived with this story for 40+ years, only telling bits and pieces of it to those closest to me.  I had never disclosed such details to a group of people I now had to pass in the halls of the convention center and see the shock and pity on their faces as their eyes met mine.  I had shielded myself with a bright smile and a warm embrace to whomever I felt needed it, but had never taken down the veil that shrouded my inner pain.  Just sharing the 12-15 minute version resulted in a sleepless night full of nightmares and cold-sweats.  Did I really want to risk breaking down that protection that I had worked so hard to maintain.  It’s so hard to smile when feeling that everyone knows even a few of the details that have made me who I am today. 

Convinced that my story could be a catalyst to bring others from the world of barely surviving to truly thriving is the only thing that has convinced me to share.  There IS a road less traveled that is worth the effort.  A road that leads to freedom.  Freedom to choose a different path in life than the one you were originally placed on.  Freedom to become the person YOU decide to be.  Freedom to live the life you DECIDE to live.  Freedom to be LOVED the way you deserve to be loved.  The Freedom to be truly FREE! 

This is the story of my path to that freedom!  From surviving to thriving!! 

I pray that you will something in my story that will guide you in your struggle or as you help someone you love who is struggling as I did to find their way in this world.  The path is not an easy one sometimes, but if a scrawny little blonde haired, bright-blue eyed girl who was abandoned by all who should have fought for her survival can find her way to success and happiness in this world, anyone can.  My path was guided by people placed in my life to teach me lessons, and I was fortunate enough to learn those lessons.  Now I feel it’s my job to pay it forward by sharing the lessons learned in my journey through a life originally destined to be a disastrous and dead-end life, to one of endless possibilities! 

My goal is to show as many people as I can, the DETOUR that is available to anyone who is willing to take it!  You may have been put on one road in life, but that’s what exit-ramps and detours are for!  If a 3 year old kid can have the insight to know this, SO CAN YOU!!  Let’s go off-roading for a bit!  I promise it will be worth it! 


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