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The last Home Visit

My visits with Ms. Peacock were still the highlight of my existence even though they rarely included my brother anymore.  I had nearly forgotten about my little sister, Joan.  The last time I saw her was when I had put … Continue reading

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3. Battered, But Not Broken… And still learning

When Ms. Peacock made the announcement that we would be separated if she was able to find us another home to visit, we panicked. That was not an option! We could not be separated. Our mother would never find us … Continue reading

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2. Foster Home Lessons

Ms. Peacock was the highlight of my stay at the Allen House.  She was the Case Worker assigned to my brother and I and she worked tirelessly to find us a home.  Every now and then she would come and … Continue reading

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1. Allen House Lessons

My life on the streets of Cincinnati was no walk in the park, but life at the Allen House was even worse. Bobby and I were immediately separated and put in separate wings and floors of the expansive building. My … Continue reading

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The Early Years…

I was born Victoria Ann Rederick. Such a regal, royal sounding name for such a tiny baby girl with big blue eyes, born into a life of poverty, sadness, neglect and horrible abuse. My mother was an 18 year old … Continue reading

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Hello There!  I have never thought too much about sharing my story.  I never thought of it as being particularly special.  My story has a very painful beginning, and I figured the world had enough pain in it without me adding my … Continue reading

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